Acappella Gospel - CD

Acappella Gospel
Acappella Gospel
Item# CD085

Product Description

The original project produced by George Pendergrass (later repackaged with Jazz to make Gospel Longplay). This album is an all-original gospel styled album. Many guest artists contributed to this one, including Buddy Green and Jim Cole.

Songs Included:
1. There Is No Excuse
2. Blow Me Away
3. Soul Doctor
4. We Are One
5. Jesus In The U.S.A.
6. God Is Alright
7. Inspiration
8. No Excuse - Reprise
9. Let Me Show You Me
10. Stamp Of Approval - awarded the 1995 Best Doo-Wop/R&B Song by the Contemporary Acappella Society of America
11. Go Out Quickly
12. Rock-A-My Soul
13. Hold On
14. Old Time Gospel
15. Hold On - Reprise